Claretta Contadino

Bethe whowhat now??


Mage of Mind


13 years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Sometimesmisses thespacebarandsmooshes wordstogether!! Doubles punctuation or eventriples!!!

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus


Lives in


Land of Labyrinths and Poppies


Forest - KA Theme of Hawkeye - UMVC3

> Be the absentminded alchemist.Edit

Your name is... um...

Oh! Oh, right! Your name is CLARETTA CONTADINO, though you don't mind being called CLARE. You currently live in SOLITUDE, though you used to live in CYRODIIL when you were quite little. You don't really remember it. Then again, you have trouble remembering most things. That's why you make it a point to draw everything on your arms. This would work wonderfully if your arms weren't already full of doodles...

You usually help around your MOTHER'S apothecary, but in your spare time you love to SHOP! More specifically, you love to shop for the apothecary, finding all sorts of flowers and exotic spices. Sometimes you even find some delicious glow dust!

Wait no you didn't say that last part oh fiddlesticks.

All right. You have a small "problem". Since you're usually in charge of managing the front desk around mealtimes, you've developed a habit of nibbling at some of the apothecary's stock. You can't help it! If you want to be the GREATEST ALCHEMIST that ever lived, you'll have to eat anything and everything that you get your hands on! Your forgetfulness is in no way related to your eating habits, you're absolutely certain of it.

Well, aside from practicing alchemy you're also a huge fan of SLICE-OF-LIFE GAMES and ASTROLOGY. Sometimes you practice with your STAFF that Mother gave you, since it's always good to know some fighting skills to keep creeps off your back.

Your tag is potentFlora and yousometimes missthe spacebar.

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